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Week of AUG 14

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Tracy McNeil describes the formation of Minor Gold as a "sidestep", but it's a duo she plans to take bounding forward. Minor Gold is McNeil and her partner and Good Life bandmate, Dan Parsons, who is also a titan of Melbourne's Americana scene with his own material.

"We got into that fairly early and it was painless. We seemed to have a real hand-in-glove connection with writing songs and singing and harmonising."

Minor Gold's first three singles support that claim. The country folk-flavoured Mona Lisa and Way With Words are both built around acoustic guitars and Parsons and McNeil's honeyed harmonies.

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Mona Lisa | Honorable Mention
International Songwriting Competition 2022


Minor Gold is a new duo comprised of musicians Tracy McNeil and Dan Parsons, and while 'Mona Lisa is their debut single, this is a musical combination that's endured for some time.

For the best part of a decade, the two have shared stages the world over. Notably, Parsons was a big contributor to McNeil's excellent 2020 album You Be The Lightning and this project sees the two artists on equal footing, further magnifying the power of this partnership.

There's not a lot going on in 'Mona Lisa': a gentle, barely-there drone, a gently strummed guitar, the very occasional splash of baritone guitar and hand percussion, two voices in perfect harmony, and that's about it.

It's all they need.

The strength of the songwriting, the performances, and the indeterminate perfection of how these two artists' voices lock in together through the entire song are enough to hit right where the emotions live inside us.

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Living together, being with each other 24 hours a day even if it wasn’t in the van, helped that compatibility and offered that fuel. None of the songs, their leanings decidedly in the land of ‘70s pop, sounded like The Good Life songs, nor Dan Parsons songs: this was something new as the first single, Mona Lisa, revealed.

“The material we were writing was getting us excited,” says Parsons. “And we decided we were going to try and push it up the hill and see if it rolled.”


Reader: it rolled.

If there is a thematic centre to Minor Gold it is escape...

But escape wasn’t into a void, it was into cleaner, fresher … brighter climes.

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